The Featherby Family Tomb


In the graveyard of St Mary Magdalene is the tomb of the Featherby family, of whom John Robert Featherby (d. July 15th 1922 aged 74), was elected the first mayor of the new Borough of Gillingham in 1901. The tomb is marked by a tall grey stone on a covering stone which is now missing its original railings.

View of the front of the family grave of John Robert Featherby JP.

It is inscribed "The Family Grave of John Robert Featherby JP" and gives details of the following members of the family interred there as follows:


Sacred In The memory of

Upper panel:Front upper panel of the stone.

George Featherby
died May 21st 1903
in his 82nd year

Also Amelia,
his wife
died August 15th 1874,
in her 54th year

Lower panel:Front lower panel of the stone.

Anna Louisa, wife of
John Robert Featherby,
died December 29th 1911, aged 63 years

John Robert Featherby,
younger son of George Featherby,
died July 19th 1922, aged 74 years

Base panel:

The family grave of
John Robert Featherby JP


Upper Panel:Back upper panel of the stone.

Edward George,
elder son of
George Featherby,
who died at
Piedras Negras, Mexico
aged 45 years

Lower Panel:Back lower panel of the stone.

Charles Benjamin,
younger son of
John Robert Featherby,
died July 21st 1922, aged 46 years


Upper Panel:Right upper panel of the stone.

Maria Frost,
Born October 2nd 1852.
Died October 3rd 1939

View of the rear of the grave of John Robert Featherby, showing concrete cover to vault access.

One of Gillingham's longest roads, Featherby Road, is named after John Robert Featherby. It stretches from the A2, next to the Gillingham Northern Link Road, to the Saxon Shore Way (Lower Rainham Road).

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