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Below are some links to other sites covering Medway and Kent. If you have a site you'd like added, just drop me an e-mail with the addresses, and I'll have a look at it.

Please note that these are links to sites which are nothing to do with me, so don't try holding me responsible for any content you may find offensive, incorrect, or which you just don't like.

If you're trying to trace relatives or ancestors in the area, try our Family History Resources page.

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Other Medway Sites - People and Places

Borstal Village

Borstal is a village just outside Rochester, and is home to the original Borstal Institution. Find out more at this site.

Chatham Dockyard Historical Society

Dedicated to upholding the memory of Chatham Dockyard's contribution to serving the Royal Navy over four centuries.

Chatham Historical Society

Formed in 1950, the objects of the society are to "bring together all those who are interested in the history and the archaeology of the Medway Towns and the immediate surrounding area".

City of Rochester Society

The society helps to improve the environment and quality of life for Rochester's residents and visitors. They also publish books and leaflets for visitors.

David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page

David Perdue is a big fan of Charles Dickens, and it shows in this excellent site. Pretty much everything you could ever want to know about Charles Dickens' life and works are covered.

The Dockyard Railway

Photos and details of the railway in Chatham Historic Dockyard, which is looked after and operated by The North Kent Industrial Locomotive Society.

The Chatham Dockyard Oral History Project

Did you work at Chatham Dockyard between 1945 and 1984? If you did, or if you'd like to find out more about this period of the yard's history, then why not visit this site? It's part of the webmaster's study of the yard, and has photos, forums and articles about the yard.

The Theatre Royal

Graham White created this site describing Chatham's Theatre Royal, and its history during the campaign to raise funds for the restoration of the building.

The Theatre Royal stands in Chatham High Street. It was built in 1899 and closed in 1955, when it was divided into shops and warehouses. A long-term campaign to restore the theatre had to be abandoned recently, and the building was demolished during May 2009.

The site mentions that, after the building was divided up, its original use was all but forgotten. Sadly I'd have to agree - I've lived in the area all of my life and didn't know where the Theatre Royal was until the campaign to save it started.

The Medway River at

Alan Watkins' huge collection of photographs of the River Medway and its surroundings, from the estuary through to Maidstone. Well worth a visit.

Friends of Berengrave

Berengrave Local Nature Reserve is on the Lower Rainham Road (the Saxon Shore Way) near Lower Rainham. It used to be a chalk quarry, providing raw materials to the nearby cement factory.

This website describes the reserve, the hard work put in by all of the volunteers, and the wildlife you can find there.

Paul's Castle

A very interesting site on castles and cathedrals (with plenty of photos), designed by Paul Hillman. Although it's still under construction there are already sections on Rochester Castle and Cathedral, among others.

This isn't strictly a Medway site, but I've put it in here as the first two entries in his index are about Rochester.

Rainham History

Rainham is a recent addition to the Medway Towns, being transferred from Sittingbourne to Gillingham early in the 20th century. This site tells you more about the town and its history, and has plenty of photographs of the way it used to be.

Creative Medway

A listing of creative opportunities in Medway, listed on Medway Council's site.

Frindsbury Extra Parish Council

The Parish of Frindsbury Extra includes the villages of Upnor and Wainscott, and some other outlying settlements. It also includes the Medway City Estate.

Halling Parish Council

Halling lies next to the River Medway, about 4 miles upstream from Rochester. This is the parish council's web site.

Kent Online / Medway Messenger

The Kent Messenger Group's Medway news site - all the latest local news.

Kent Town and Village Sites

The Faversham Web Site

The official online guide and reference to Faversham and the surrounding area. A very useful site with lots of information.

Hawkinge village sign. Hawkinge dot Com

The unofficial and oldest Hawkinge web site.

Historic Kent

History and Information about the county of Kent.

Open Sandwich

History and Information about the town of Sandwich, Kent.


Walmer is only six miles away from Dover, and is reputedly where Julius Caesar and his legions landed in 55BC. Walmer Castle was built by Henry VIII, and has been the official residence of Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports since the 18th Century. The Duke of Wellington lived in Walmer for 23 years.

Higham Village History Group

Higham lies outside Strood, on the A226 between the Medway Towns and Gravesend. It's not just the place where Charles Dickens died - there's much more to it, as this well designed site reveals.

Higham Parish Council

The Parish of Higham is part of Gravesham Borough. As well as a lot of countryside, the parish includes the three villages of Higham Upshire, Lower Higham and Three Crutches, as well as the small hamlet of Church Street and several great houses

Other Kent Sites

Sheppey Sea Cadet Corps

The Sea Cadet Corps is a uniformed voluntary youth organisation for young people between the ages of ten and eighteen, based at Barton's Point on the Isle of Sheppey.

They were also kind enough to provide me with the coordinates of a number of shipwrecks in the Medway Estuary for this site.

Kent Paranormal Group

Paranormal investigators conducting research and vigils across Kent and the South East of England.

Kent Underground Research Group

Research and Study of Underground Features in the Counties of Kent and East Sussex.

Kent Rail

Everything you could ever want to know about the history of Kent's railways - see the Rochester goods depot before it turned into a building site , and the Strood harbour and shunting yards before they turned into a housing estate. The index covers almost every station and goods yard in the area - if trains interest you, this will keep you occupied for hours!

Subterranean Exploration

A very interesting site full of explorations of disused bunkers, forts and tunnels in Kent.

Sheppey Website

This rapidly expanding web site covers all sorts of interesting parts of Sheppey, including the Minster Workhouse, Sheerness Dockyard, Queenborough Castle and Garrison Point Fort.

Kent History Forum

Originally part of the Sheppey Website, this forum has plenty of discussions about the history of Kent. It'll keep you occupied for hours!

Other Interesting Sites Outside Kent

Derelict London Derelict London

Hundreds of regularly updated photographs of the less attractive, but no less interesting, parts of London.

There are photos of derelict pubs, cafes, railways, hospitals and waterways amongst others. I've spent hours browsing here myself!

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